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Family Crest

The surnames BRENZOVICH and CHUMA (ČUMA) on my father's side; GALINOVSKY and KAVULIČ on my mother's side form the roots of my family tree. While growing up I gave little thought to my heritage or ethnic background. I knew my grandparents immigrated to the United States from Europe and that the family surnames were of Slavic origins. Family members refer to the Brenzovich surname as Russian, Czech, or Slovakian.  I did not really know what my heritage was. It wasn't until 1999 when I learned that my heritage on the Brenzovich side was Rusyn also known as Carpatho-Rusyn.  On my mother’s side, it wan't all that clear either. My grandfather Galinovsky was from Russia-Poland, but not clear what that really meant and my grandmother's roots appear to have been in Slovakia.

My interest in genealogy started in the early 1990's with some on again and off again research. I began seriously researching my family roots in 1999 when I found out where in Europe my grandfather Brenzovich emigrated, Transcarpathian Rus' today in present day Ukraine. As I progressed with my research I quickly realized that the scope of my research was taking me far beyond the boundaries of my grandparents and the immediate family. I began to make discoveries far beyond my imagination. As a result of my research, I have had the opportunity to visit the homeland of my grandparents on the Brenzovich side and have met with many members of the Brenzovich family not only here in the United States, but in Europe as well. However, I have not been as fortunate on my mother’s side, my successes have been limited.

The information reflected here is based on a variety of researched documents and family member sources. However, in some cases there is a bit of speculation due to the lack of; or incomplete source of information. This website is a living document of my family's genealogy, and will continue to be updated as new information is uncovered.

Personal information will be limited to only those individuals who are deceased. To respect the privacy of living individuals only the persons name will be listed in relation to their place in a given family branch; unless I have been given permission from a given individual to provide more details. Refer to the site's Privacy Statement.

The national emblems (NE) and Coat of Arms (CofA) displayed on this page represent the influences that have played a major role in the heritage of my families surnames.

I invite you to continue with your journey and hope that you will find it interesting and enjoyable. Thank you for dropping by; any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Be sure to return from time to time to see what is new. ENJOY THE SITE.


Carpatho-Rusyn NE Polish Egale Hungary CofA Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth CofA Russian Empire CofA Slovakia NE