Chuma [Čuma] Surname Family Tree

The following identify members of the Chuma [Čuma] Surname Family Tree that have been documented to date, some more than others. They have been organized into initial family groups The key individual(s) are linked to their own web page that provides more details about the family group and identifies additional generations of that group. To provide some order, each family group has been assigned a reference identifier that ties the members of the group together.

I like to point out, that it is not known how these family groups may be connected to one another. Hopefully, with time and continued research any questions regarding the relationship between these family groups will be resolved and documented accordingly.

For those who may be interested, a link have been provided that provides some insight into the origins and history of the Chuma [Čuma] surname.

Heritage of the Chuma [Čuma] Surname (Link)

Ch01: Ignátz and Maríja (Bardzják) Čuma Family Group

Br01.A: Helen "Heléna" Chuma and Alex "Oléksa" Brenzovich Family Group

Br01.Aa: Iván Brenzovich Birth: ca. 1904 in Suchyj, Ung/Už County, Subcarpathian Rus', Austria-Hungary (Present day Transcarpathian Oblast, Ukraine). Death: ca. 1906 in Suchyj, Ung/Už County, Subcarpathian Rus', Austria-Hungary.

Br01.Ab: Mary (Brenzovich) Chelena

Br01.Ac: George Brenzovich

Br01.Ad: Andrew Brenzovich

Br01.Ae: Michael Brenzovich

Br01.Af: Anna (Brenzovich) Segedy

Br01.Ag: Helen (Brenzovich) Palmo

Br01.Ah: Susan (Brenzovich) Knepp

Ch01.B: Unknown-Daughter

Ch01.C: Unknown-Son1

Ch01.D: Unknown-Son2

Ch02.A: Andríj and Maríja (Pavlik) Chuma Family Group

Br02.Aa: Vasýl Chuma

Br02.Ab: Ánna Chuma - No information available at this time.

Br02.Ac: Fédor Chuma

Br02.Ad: Iván Chuma - No information available at this time.

Br02.Ae: Georgíj Chuma

Footnote: Background image is the home of Mýchal Čuma, village of Verchovyna-Bystra in the Carpathian Mountains of Subcarpathian Rus', present day Transcarpathian Oblast Ukraine.